What Is Ramadan


What is Ramadan and Why Ramzan festival is celebrated?

Ramadan is the ninth holy month of the Muslims. It is celebrated worldwide by daily fasting, without food or water.

This is done to show respect to the first declaration of the Quran to Muhammad as per the Islamic belief. This yearly observance is valued as one of the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’. This month of Ramadan lasts 29-30 days as per the crescent moon’s visual sightings.

Ramadan Meaning and Ramadan Definition

This festival, Ramadan is also known as Ramadhan, Ramazan, or Ramadan. The word ‘Ramadan’ originates from the Arabic root ‘ramida’ or ‘ar-ramad’.

The meaning of these two Arabic words is severe heat. For adult Muslims, the fasting in this month is mandatory. But, this is not obligatory for some Muslims. These include those who are travelling, suffering from some illness, are pregnant, breastfeeding, elderly, diabetic or are going through menstrual bleeding.

How do you fast during Ramadan?

The process of fasting in the month of le Ramadan was made compulsory during the Sha’ban month. And in the second year after the Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina. There have been Fatwas issued which announce that the Muslims residing in areas with the polar night or midnight sun should follow the Mecca’s timetable. But, the Muslims in those regions should follow the timetable of the country which is nearest to them. And, in which night can be differentiated from the day.

The Motive Of Allah (S.W.T) behind making his people fast the entire month of holy Ramzan is to Make Them Have a Control Over Themselves and get Closer to Allah (S.W.T).

The Good Deeds Done in This Month are Multiplied 70 times and rewarded it is also believed that shaitaan is jailed So that there wouldn’t be anybody to make his (Allah S.W.T’s ) people Go Astray.

A Meal Is Taken in the early Hours of the Morning before sunrise and then the fast Starts Followed by the first obligatory prayer of the day i.e., Fajr.

The fast is broken at sunset by consuming fruits, Dates (Khajoor) is Usually Preferred to break the fast, water or salt can also be used which is then followed by other fruit after breaking the fast the fourth obligatory prayer of the day i.e., Maghrib prayer is performed.

The Tarawih prayer is an extra prayer which is preformed only during the month of Ramzan along with the Last Obligatory Prayer-Ishan  (shab-e-Qadr)

Why Do Muslims Fast?

The Muslims, when fasting from dawn to sunset, refrain themselves from having food, smoking, drinking liquids, and also engaging in sexual relations. They are also ordered to abstain from sinful behaviour that may nullify the reward of fasting. Such behaviour may include false speech, cursing, insulting, fighting, lying, or backbiting, etc. In Ramadan, before dawn and after sunset, food and drinks are served daily. It is also believed that the spiritual rewards for fasting are multiplied within this holy month of Ramadan. During Ramadan, the fasting for Muslims usually includes the increased offering of prayers and recitation of the Quran.

The Month of Bless Preparation

The Month of Bless Preparation is not just for your stomach or food, stuff, milk, drinks, eggs, meats, fishes, clothes, the kitchens etc all this are just because most of us are very weak and only prepare for  our stomachs but we forget the most important aspect of the month of bliss.

Which is the spirituality of you?

The spirit must be prepared, clean your tongue from lies, be slandering back biting not give false witness even before the month of blessing.

  • The soul must be ready in ZIKR remembrance of thy Creator day in day out morning afternoon a night.
  • The soul must be able to, stand up daily at one-third of the night in pure worship and be seeking closeness to Allah.
  • The soul must be prepared brothers to lower your gaze and the sister dress modestly also lower your gaze, speak with low voice but not attractive voice avoid long and much discussion with the male.

Ramadan preparation checklist

  • The soul must be ready, read Quran daily from mow, try to complete in ten days or seven days or three days and if you can’t make such you read more daily.
  • The Soul must be Prepared, learn to remain in Masjid for reading of Quran and ZIKR in addition to NAWAFILS.
  • The soul must be prepared to learn to control anger and be a simple person fast in forgiving others.
  • The soul must be prepared, learn to always with your ablution.
  • The soul must be prepared fear none but Allah.
  • The Soul must be prepared, DO whatever you do to please none but Allah.The Soul must be prepared, fasting more twice weekly or once weekly and more days in the month of SHALEAN.
  • The soul must be prepared forsaken every evil act even before the month of blesses.


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